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What is Adobe Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5?

This software is essentially aimed at empowering the designers to realize their visualizations without relying on cumbersome coding and scripting. Adobe Flash® Catalyst® acts as an enabler for the designers to significantly enhance their creations by simplifying the task of animation and automation. This is achieved by introducing simple clickable tools within the application itself. With the release of CS5.5 version, Adobe Flash® Catalyst® has moved a considerable distance from its initial launch and come up with some significant upgrades and improvements.

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Some Technical Stuff

Adobe Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5 is an amalgam of graphics and programming software. Accordingly, it needs a decent mix of hardware and software to work optimally. At least, Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor with 1GB RAM and an equal amount of free hard-disk space for installation is needed for Adobe Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5 to give you all designers a developer-free experience. Win XP SP2+ operating system backed by JavaTM Runtime Environment 1.5+ completes the basic requirements for this powerful software to deliver a value-packed performance. Mac users will do well to install Mac OS X v10.5.8 to enjoy the versatility of Adobe Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5.

Top Features of Adobe Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5

The latest release of Adobe Flash® Catalyst® has enabled the designers to collaborate with Adobe Flash® Builder® 4.5 developers in a bi-directional mode, which makes the Flex based projects more inclusive.

A couple of other interesting additions in the latest version are the re-sizable applications and components, which enable you to design and preview the position and scaling of objects while designing interfaces and applications. Such interfaces and applications are re-sizable and adjust to fit different screen sizes and resolutions.

One thing that was horribly wrong with the first version of Adobe Flash® Catalyst® was its pedestrian and over-simplistic interface. But with the launch of CS5.5, this aspect is taken care of. Now, you can simply define the behavior of your design using sophisticated menu-based commands that complement the overall Adobe Creative Suite feel.

Adobe Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5 gives you room to maneuver your interactions by allowing you to define them and globally target any component within your project. You can even specify double-click actions as interactions.

In terms of functionality, Adobe Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5 is dream software for every designer who eschews the job of a developer and wants to achieve his visualization in few clicks. It even allows for editing artwork round-the-clock in Adobe Illustrator® or Photoshop® without the scope of any distortions. There is no need to understand the complex coding behind those eye-catching custom components. Simple select them and apply them!

One good thing about Adobe Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5 is the inclusion of some user-requested enhancements, like the ability to align and distribute objects, locking the aspect ratio while manipulating objects, naming the components, etc.

Adobe Flash® Catalyst® CS5.5 also supports video and dynamic media, which allows you to integrate sound, video, and dynamic media into your design along with the ability to add interactions to control the playback.

You can export your final project file to the web as a SWF file for Adobe Flash® Player or as an Adobe AIR® project that can run outside the browser.