A Video Guide To Online Photoshop Tutorials

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If you are merely getting started with Photoshop, the best way to learn it is with a good Adobe Photoshop program that has simple Photoshop courses and video tutorials. Videos are an easy way to follow along with an educated Photoshop expert as they teach all of the essentials of Photoshop.

When I very first got started, I made use of a book that was published through Adobe to build my personal knowledge base. Although the book was beneficial, it was limited in that it sometimes was not apparent what the publication was talking about, so I was not sure if I had been learning everything correctly or otherwise.

With online simple Photoshop courses and movies, it is much easier to learn Photoshop on the internet, and be sure that you are learning the right way. Several videos tend to be shown as if you are watching the teacher’s desktop, so it’s easy to stick to exactly what’s going on.

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Photoshop Tutorial, Creating Depth of Field (part 02)

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A few nice Photoshop tutorials images I found:

Photoshop Tutorial, Creating Depth of Field (part 02)
Photoshop tutorials
Image by Chandra Marsono
5. This is how the layer should look like. The Top just the object, the second layer minus the object (just background), and first layer the original image.
6. Blur the second layer as much as you want

Flatten it out and you’ll have a clean picture, no halo lines.

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