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This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s a totally unique step-by-step video training system, designed to make any newbie user completely confident with Photoshop in record time. Just 2 hours from now you’ll be able to produce your own graphics quickly, easily and completely stress free! When looking at editing software, you might ask yourself what is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator? Both programs are made by the same company and many say that the differences are small. The difference lies in the building blocks, Adobe Illustrator actually takes key elements of Adobe Photoshop and builds upon them taking them to the next level.

Adobe’s Photoshop is perhaps one of the most widely recognized and used programs by digital photographers today. This program has plenty of tips and tutorials available making it an easy program to learn and use. Photoshop can transform any image into a polished and professional looking photograph. You can add borders and enhance pictures to a level that no digital camera could capture. With Photoshop you can make almost anything possible to do with a photograph, reality.

Adobe’s Illustrator by definition is a completely different program altogether. A vector based program, Illustrator enables you to create your own unique graphics. These graphics can be used in almost any medium, from print, to online, video and even your cell phone. Adobe Illustrator can do what Photoshop cannot do alone.

Both programs are vastly talked about on the web. You will find a huge array of photoshop tutorials and illustrator tutorials, illustrator and photoshop tips. Forums, chat rooms, and discussion groups that focus on both programs are also abundant on the web. Once you start looking, you’ll find more and more information on adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator.

Drawing and vector art tools can be found on Photoshop, but these tools and their capabilities are nothing in comparison to those on Adobe Illustrator. A wide variety of templates are offered to help you get a project started and a number of different drawing tools are at hand to help you create your own personal artworks and graphics with Illustrator. While you can create unique graphics with Photoshop, you must start with a base image and your tools to work with are limited in comparison to Adobe Illustrator. For those in the professional field such as graphic design, the best choice would be Adobe Illustrator. However, for those with smaller drawing needs, Photoshop will work just as well.

Many Photoshop tutorials do not cover Photoshop drawing in great detail, so look for those tutorials specific to drawing for the best information. The same goes for Photoshop tip pages. It is seldom that you will find large amounts of information on drawing and vector art tools. But to make your digital images perfect, Photoshop is the program for you with plenty of information available. With the abundance of info on the subject, you won’t be able to stop form touching up every photo you take.

Adobe Illustrator is a different program. Whereas Photoshop adds a new look to an existing image, Illustrator can create a brand new unique image. Adobe Illustrator is one of the best and user friendly programs you can use for graphic design. The software is relatively easy and with the large number of tips and tutorials to be found online, Illustrator is extremely popular.

Nothing says that you can’t work with both programs to create a polished version of an existing image or a brand new image itself. With both programs sharing some basic features, by learning one you are a step ahead on the other automatically. Both Photoshop and Illustrator will produce stunning, quality and professional images that have never been seen before. If you have need for both programs, become familiar with both to cover every need. Opt for Photoshop for your digital imaging needs and Illustrator for your graphic design needs. With the differences between the two programs, you may realistically find the need for both.

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are sure to make great additions to your software collection. Both the graphic designer and the digital photographer will find many uses within these programs and no matter the project, both can deliver the most sophisticated images. Mastering these programs is easy thanks to all of the tips and tutorials found online for both Photoshop and Illustrator. The more you learn and experiment with these programs and their capabilities, the more you will expand on your own creativity.

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